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Jeff Glozzy

Jeff Glozzy who was born and raised in Norfolk, MA, is a highly educated individual with a passion for both communication and the arts. Jeff earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Villanova University before going on to pursue a Master’s degree in Art Education from Boston University.

As an established visual artist and budding entrepreneur, Jeff Glozzy has overcome many obstacles in the pursuit of making his dream career into a reality.

Originally from Norfolk, Massachusetts, Jeff Glozzy began his post-secondary education studying at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Following that, Jeff was enrolled in a program of Arts Education at Boston University, graduating with a Master’s degree and earning recognition as a Constantin Alajalov Scholar, which is an honor given only to arts students who demonstrate exceptional work. However, even in spite of the credentials and accolades he earned in school, there were still those who believed his gifts as an artist would not provide him with the foundation for a successful career. With a heavy heart, Jeff agreed to set his dream aside in order to earn money and establish himself as a salesperson.

Now, more than ten years later, Jeff has broken free from his previous career and put all his efforts into becoming a confrontation artist. Primarily based on Instagram, he has recently debuted a series of his artistic creations to great acclaim. As a testament to this, he has gained an online following of thousands within only a few short months. Alongside his art, his Instagram account features mini-reels of video footage where he demonstrates, among other things, his pencil design techniques in real time, giving his followers a glimpse into his creative process.

These days, Jeff Glozzy is immersed in the task of building and displaying his library of images, where collectors of unique artwork can browse his oeuvre and purchase his work.

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